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Kut & Dried Apothecary introduction and our new web-site

CBD products are a growing industry. In your becoming acquainted or even better acquainted with the CBD oils, and infused products remember not all products are equal.


At Kut & Dried Apothecary we grow, process and produce Full Spectrum CBD Oils that include hemp oil, and MCT. All our topical products are infused with full spectrum.

When it comes to the subject of equality the products we produce are only the best and that is developed beginning with the regenerative farming practices through to our production of the full spectrum CBD oils.


Our new Web-Site is now up and running and we invite you to explore the why behind our journey into the CBD marketplace. We will also be accepting On-Line Payments SOON!

Please subscribe to our web-site for updates to keep you posted on our further developments and status of our on-line store, products, and education of the CBD market.


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Susan Chipman
Susan Chipman
Apr 29, 2020

Placed my order using the new online process and it was great! Items came quickly. Thanks Bruce.

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