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Spring Time At Kut & Dried Apothecary Growers, Processors and CBD Oil Product Producers

Updated: Apr 21, 2020

It's finally starting to warm up as we head into spring ,very different than any other of the 60 plus I've enjoyed with the COVID-19 threat looming, we are starting to focus on the planting season fast approaching. There is plenty to do to keep us active during the world wide lockdown that is affecting everyone and businesses everywhere.


One of the BABIES in late August 2019

Our regenerative farming practice of our two small plots involves a lot of TLC but that is why we are yielding such a superior crop. Footprints are the best "fertilizer" you can give your hemp plants they seem to respond well to your presence or maybe its the "BS" and laughter between John and I. It could be the natural organic emulsion we brew up for the plant babies, its full of microbes to help breakdown the nutrition in the soil so the plant can readily absorb it. All three seem the to work best together " entourage effect".


Below 100 Babies on June 5th 2019

We are happy to share information with everyone it is one of our main focuses in this business to educate people we certainly do not know everything because we are learning new things everyday. Please reach out to us e-mail message or call to set up meeting at store.


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