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Planting time again at Kut & Dried Apothecary!

Time to change "hats" for these two young men. We'll be hanging up the lab coats and putting on the straw hats. We've been extracting CBD all winter from last year's crop. Today we started planting seeds into starter trays.


We want to assist you with your anxiety issues due to the pandemic by offering a special discount.


on 1000mg./fl.oz May 13 -May 31 2020

Spring cleaning sale 

Ends May 31st 2020, Buy one get one FREE, 1000 mg per fluid ounce bottle of Either MCT oil or Hemp seed oil carrier.

"Covid 19 anxiety relief"


It is time for us all to get serious about buying American products the world is changing around us. A very substantial percentage of CBD is imported from China and who knows what type of farming techniques or care they take to grow their hemp? We know ours is grown with tender loving care and organic fertilizer that we create.


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